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At ASRT, ethics guides everything we do, from how we interface with our clients to how we treat one another.  We believe that a commitment to values and ethical practices is the foundation for success in any arena.  We hold all of our employees accountable for ethical behavior established by a common code of business ethics and compliance.  In addition, we partner with organizations that are committed to operating under similar standards of business ethics and integrity.

Our Values
  • Dedication: We are dedicated to the success of our clients' missions and to the satisfaction of our employees

  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in all that we do

  • Flexibility: We strive to be responsive to our clients' needs in ever-changing environments and earn their business by consistently meeting or exceeding expectations

  • Honesty: We communicate openly and honestly

  • Service: ASRT strives to provide the highest quality solutions and best value to our clients; we are responsive to our clients' needs and help manage resources in rapidly changing environments

  • Timekeeping, Invoicing and Contract Management: In addition to our outstanding reputation for delivery, we are known for the timeliness and accuracy in all aspects of our contract management

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